All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.
                                                                                                                      William Shakespeare

As a developing nation and a Most populated country covers 17.7 % of world population, socially politically and culturally needs a lot of changes in a women status , still from the period of BC there is a special prominence  for  women  , there is a equal status between men and women in the period of Aryans  at the same period many notable women scholars were exist such as gargeya , maitreya , appolo , when we summed up in religious views  almost all the rivers were in the name of women , and we have thousands of women gods ,  when we turns the history pages  women started deteriorate from the invasion of Arabs on India , the rulers were started to abuse  Indian women’s and started to kidnapping to their provinces , for the security of women’s they started follow the parada system  still its exists today in many provinces  , after child marriage , sati system , jahaur system were ahead   and education  widow remarriage were banned  totally women lost her status in society at the time of  medieval period many women rulers were ahead such as raziya sultan , Rani chennamma , lakshmi bai, abbakka  but they failed to up bring the women’s  in a men society , after in the 18th  century  a movement started specially for the upliftment of women by reformers such as Raja ram Mohan Roy, ishwar Chandra vidya sagar ,jyotirao phule , Annie Besant etc with their great efforts  many girls schools were started and many laws and acts were passed under british government  , governor general lord William Bentinck passes the abolition of sati system and widow remarriage act of 1856  , women empowerment started to upliftment  from reforms movement , in 1926 first women conference was held after many women such as vijaylakshmi pandit ,Annie Besant, kastura ba  sarojini Naidu, durgabai deshmukh and many women’s joined the hands in freedom movement   after the independence the worsen up women status  started to upliftment  .

  After the independence women’s started to recognize themselves in the society and stepped into many fields such as politics , arts, social service , science, Business etc  and gave there amazing contribution for the development of nation , women’s received a special provision in Indian constitution and laws , many women’s favored  bills and acts was passed in the parliament  under the articles 15, 16, 39, 51(a) women’s received a special prominence in India constitution and crimes which against  the women such as dowry , molestation, child marriage, female infanticide  completely prohibited and considered for criminal case , in panchayat raj 1/3 of reservation and in rajya sabha and loka sabha  33% of reservation bills were passed by this moves of government women received a special status in the society  .

  Many women’s awarded for their wonderful contribution such as mother Theresa noble award in 1979, kamala chattopadheya won ramon Magsaysay award in 1966, Ms subhalakshmi awarded a padma bhushan in 1954, lata mangeshkar won padma bhushan, padmashree, padma vibhushan, bachendra pal first women climbed the mt everest Karnam malleshwari, Mary kom and Saina nehwal won Bronze medal in Olympics   of Sydney (2000) and London (2012), Arundathi Roy awarded for the booker prize and even many women’s appeared in the higher post such as Indira Gandhi ruled for a 20 years as a PM ,Kiran bedi appointed as a first IPS officer in 1972, sarojini Naidu became the first women president for congress session in 1925,  Sunitha Williams first Indian women stepped on moon  Sucheta Kriplani elected as a first chief minister in UP, Pratiba devi Singh patil outcome as a first president of India in 2007 and meira Kumar became the first women lokasabha speaker in 2009 are the major women’s inspired for many women’s success stories.
 Government of India declared 2001 as a year of women empowerment , the economic  condition of women’s shows the positive growth such as health, literacy rate and its brings changes in the empowerment of women, every year in education girls results is in Top level than boys, according to 2011 census women literacy rate rose up to 65.46 % from 54.2 % its reveals the growth of women’s in the India , Even girls schools and colleges were increasing rapidly especially  in the cities Kolkata, jaipur and lucknow , and more girls student  admitting to schools  and in the field of Business Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw founder of bioon ltd and recognized as  richest women in India , Sunita narrain publisher of fortnightly magazine awarded the Padma shri , Neelam Dhawan managing director of Microsoft  sales and marketing operations in India and in the field of politics man y giant women’s stepped into parliament some of the powerful women’s such as Sonia Gandhi  working as a president of Indian national congress and a member of rajya sabha , Smt.  Mamata  Banerjee  present chief minister of west Bengal ,  jayanthi natarajan  -environmental minister of India , jayalalitha  serving as a present chief minister of Tamil nadu  and many women’s giving a  wonderful contribution for the development of society and giving more and more competition for the men .

  Government of India stepped into several measures for the empowerment of women but many issues unconditionally taking place ,  Indian Demographics reveals the huge gender  inequality and somewhere women population goes on decreasing from every decade due to some blind beliefs which was followed from the past , even in the  development stage of women’s, many suicide, sexual harassment , molestation , rape , dowry cases still ahead ,in the year 2011 ,1346 dowry cases as been registered, every 2 hours one dowry case registering  in India ,recent attack on Mangalore home stayed girls and pubs exploits the right to freedom for women’s , child marriage   going vigorously in many parts of India, a 16 year old girl  in Rajasthan is the mother of two children’s  and many cases were disguised from the society , women’s are  being far from the laws and their rights in society , the  reason behind is inferiority complex   beliefs superstitious   in women’s resulting for the failures of their own  status, women’s were need to aware of those things  and outcome from those problems.
  A women plays not only a role of mother, she is the backbone of the society and judge how ought to be for everyone!  Empowerment of women which cannot empower by others, there lot of things which goes and comes but with a strange moves women need to recognize her in the society and to be empowered in their life.